Apple patents an iMac installed in a curved glass sheet

Apple patents an iMac installed in a curved glass sheet

The flexibility and curvature we already know are the new cell phone school ships for the next few years and that is why the amount of folding that has begun to appear in the industry. But it is not an exclusive fashion, since laptops have also been looking for that.

Proof of this is the commercial patent that Apple uploaded to the US Patent and Trademark Office registry in the United States and that although it was filed in May 2019, it has only been made public in January.

It is a completely curved iMac on a single sheet of glass, with a screen, touch panel and keyboard all integrated in the same support.

This new invention of Cupertino's was first discovered by the specialized site PatentyApple, which is responsible for tracking these innovations.



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According to what can be inferred from the patent filed, Apple wants “a continuous glass desktop iMac / PC design that includes an OLED screen, an integrated keyboard and left and right touch input zones as a dual touch panel construction without seams; FIG. 11E illustrates the back of the new device with ports and speaker. The device could function as a home automation system. ”

It also follows from what was entered into the United States patent office, that Tim Cook's company “clarifies that the glass housing could be made of transparent, coated, painted or otherwise treated materials to produce a non-transparent component ( for example, opaque); In such cases, the material can still be referred to as transparent, although the material can be part of an opaque component. Translucent components can be formed by producing a textured or frosted surface on a transparent material (for example, transparent glass). Materials can also be used translucent, such as translucent polymers, translucent ceramics or the like. ”

For now it is just one of the proposals of the Apple design team, which of course does not imply getting down to work on that.

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