Apple gains record profit and dissipates fear of a decline

Apple gains record profit and dissipates fear of a decline

The outbreak of coronavirus in China and already spreading through various corners of the world, had disturbed Apple CEO Tim Cook. All this, because the production and manufacture of iPhone could be seriously affected, since much of the manufacturing is done in that area.

However, a small relief came from the economic reports of the last quarter of 2019, where the profits of the Cupertino company turned out to be auspicious to face the first half of 2020.

According to Reuters, “Apple recorded $ 91.8 billion (91.8 billion) in revenue for the quarter ending December 28, compared with analyst estimates of $ 88.5 million according to Refinitiv IBES data. Apple reported earnings per share of $ 4.99, compared to analyst estimates of $ 4.55 per share. ”

The iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro raised profits for apple-cell phone sales, as iPhone sales reached $ 55.96 million and exceeded analyst estimates of $ 51.6 million and sales from the previous year of $ 52 million dollars.

Meanwhile, the wearable segment, between AirPods and the Apple Watch, reached $ 10.0 million in revenue compared to estimates of $ 9.5 million in the US currency, a considerable increase of $ 7.3 million of the year 2018.

Regarding services, say Apple TV and Arcade, revenues were $ 12.7 million, below analyst estimates of $ 13 million, and an increase of $ 10.9 million over 2018.

The principal analyst of eMarketer, Yoram Wurmser, told Reuters that the numbers should be watched with caution, thinking about the expansion of the Coronavirus.

"We are predicting a stronger Q2 (second quarter of 2020) than analysts predicted, but the fact that the coronavirus is spreading unpredictably in China, where Apple has most of its hardware built, could alter this optimistic prognosis ”, sealan.

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