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Apple factories want to be 50% at the end of February

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The coronavirus is still present in our day, despite this, Foxconn factories in China want to recover 50% of production by the end of February. That has been the information that the Reuters agency has brought to light today, ensuring that a command close to Foxconn President Liu Young-Way has said they hope the production plants can be reopened after the massive closure of the coronavirus and the warning of the World Health Organization.

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Although the initial idea was to reopen after the Chinese New Year, finally it was decided to postpone the reopening again due to the alerts that WHO had issued, crossing out the coronavirus of something worse even than a terrorist attack. Other reports issued at the end of last week also indicated that the Chinese authorities were not giving the green light when they returned to work, so it was not known when the manufacturing plants could be put back into operation. Knowing this, we can think that the situation is improving, and if the aforementioned is completed by the end of February, normality should begin to return, reaching 80% of the production for the month of March.

Foxconn wants to reach 80% of production for the month of March

The same cited Reuters report also addresses issues such as the delays that these production stoppages will entail. It is expected that both the current and future range will be affected, also counting on the presumed presentation of a new low-cost iPhone by those of Cupertino this March. From Foxconn they do not give numbers, and they trust that with a little overexertion they can overcome the bump that the coronavirus is assuming.

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