A TCL smartphone with folding and sliding screen filtered in renders ┬╗ERdC

A TCL smartphone with folding and sliding screen filtered in renders ┬╗ERdC

A TCL smartphone with folding and sliding screen filtered in renders

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In a so competitive market as is currently the smartphone industry, manufacturers need to search your own differentiating factors that offer a competitive advantage over the competition, and lead consumers to acquire their options. For this reason, the last couple of years we have seen how many have begun To experiment with the form factor of your products. While the major phone manufacturers are at the forefront in terms of such experiments, other less popular as TCL do not want to stay behind.

The company (TCL) has already patented several designs for folding mobile devices in the past. Now, several detailed renderings of a TCL smart phone with a slider design have appeared online. This shows us a totally different approach to the classic design of a folding smartphone by the firm.

Renders of the TCL device with sliding folding screen

Unlike the foldable smart phones already available in the market: Samsung Galaxy Fold, Huawei Mate X, Motorola RAZR and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, this conceptual render of TCL shows that it is a folding smartphone has a screen that slides to reveal more screen.

While the technical details related to this design are still unknown, it seems that the screen folds inside the device in some way. Since the screen rolls inside when it does not slide out, the device it will be a bit thicker in comparison with other similar phones in the market. In addition, probably from this type of design we can expect it to have a notable marked fold.

On the back, the particular phone has a cudruple camera setup along with an LED flash arranged vertically in a narrow strip on the right side. It seems that the same strip-shaped structure acts as a "grip" to slide the panel.

Reports also indicate that the company was ready to show this terminal with sliding screen at the Mobile World Congress 2020. As we all know this event was canceled by the outbreak of coronavirus that is worrying everyone. Therefore, it remains to be seen when and where TCL shows this telephone, and reveals more information related to it.

TCL was also ready to launch the company's new series 10 phones at MWC 2020. Of these models, a first look at CES had been offered last month. According to reports, the TCL sliding folding phone It will be announced as a ÔÇťsurpriseÔÇŁ product of the company.


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