7 alternatives to Instagram

Are you bored of Instagram and want to try a different social network? There are different Instagram alternatives where you can upload all the photos and videos you want, although they probably never have the visibility that Instagram offers given its popularity.

If we consider that we are looking for some social network similar to InstagramThe truth is that there are some options, some you probably know and some do not, but all offer the same goal, upload multimedia content that can be visible by anyone.

You should know if at any time you want to leave Instagram, or just want try different alternatives that offer different functionalities, in addition to being able to see higher quality content than you usually find on Instagram.


Image - 7 alternatives to Instagram

500px it is probably one of the best alternatives What can you try? You should know that it is a social network specialized in photographs and in it you will find thousands of them, but not precisely of low quality, but uploaded by professionals and amateurs.

You must register to create your profile and from there you can upload all the images you want, where users can comment on them, like them and even the possibility of buying some, in addition to allowing them to publicize the work of different photographers.

The professionals who use it can even sell their images in the store, which means they can offer a additional source of income If you dedicate yourself exclusively to this, which is not bad because the commissions offered by 500px are very attractive.

Web: 500px


Image - 7 alternatives to Instagram

Flickr It is one of the best known alternatives, possibly because it already has many years behind it since it appeared there by 2004 and was rising in popularity, a social network that is still used by millions of people today to upload your photos

Is a social network specialized in photographs similar to 500px, so you can also find images uploaded by any professional photographer. Flickr is like an image store, but also where users can comment on them, sell them and others.

Web: Flickr


Vero is another one of the Instagram alternatives that is not missing from the list, although it is not as well known as the previous two, especially because it is an option that appeared a short time ago and because it has its peculiarities that users may like more or less.

It's very similar to Instagram, so much so that you can use it to upload images and use hashtags, like other people's content, comment on it, etc. But it is not only allowed to upload photos, but videos, music, movies, books and other things.