3 Mario Bros inspired games that you have to try today

3 Mario Bros inspired games that you have to try today

Until Super Mario Run comes to Android it will still be some time. Despite this, the second most famous plumber in the world has been inspiring all kinds of games for a while. Mario Bros that from time to time they land in the Google Play store. And let's not fool ourselves: most of the copies of Mario on Android are horrible, in many cases they are even accompanied by gifts in the form of malware.

But not everything is disappointment. I have set out to find three *do you copy* moderately acceptable Mario Bros on Android, and although the task has not been precisely simple, then we leave you the five titles that have passed our test.

Number 1: Andrio’s World

The game description says it all: «a game similar to Mario in which you collect coins«. You have to take a little imagination to consider Andrio’s World a copy of Super Mario, but the aesthetics of the game has many similarities with the Super Mario Bros. scenarios.

In Andrio’s World, the game controls are located at the bottom of the screen: on the left we have the arrows to move from one side to the other, and on the right are the buttons to jump and duck. The game does not have excessive publicity, and it is not bad to throw any occasional game with flavor to Nintendo.

Number 2: Super Jungle Adventures World

3 Mario Bros inspired games that you have to try today

The next game is Super Adventures World, a title that is undoubtedly inspired by the first Mario Bros. In it we can run, jump and even throw fireballs when we get the flower. The end of level is marked by the bar that has characterized the first Marios (and that they recovered in New Super Mario Bros). Nor can we go back in the levels once we advance through the levels.

The graphics of this game are better worked than Andrio’s World, both on stage and in the characters.

Number 3: Lep’s World

3 Mario Bros inspired games that you have to try today

Lep’s World It is perhaps the most popular Mario Play platform game on Google Play, and it doesn't only have one version, not even two, but it is available in three different deliveries: Lep’s World 1, Lep’s World 2 Y Lep’s World 3. All three are free, and the protagonist in the game is a little elf who has to go through the obstacles that hide the more than 130 levels of the game.

Perhaps it is one of the titles based on the popular Nintendo franchise that we liked the most. The inspiration in Super Mario is obvious, but it's still worked enough for us to ignore.

Emulation, our main savior

3 Mario Bros inspired games that you have to try today

Finally, we have what could be the best alternative to play Mario on our mobile, and it is reliving the experience with a console emulator. Through a USB-connected OTG controller and with the games ROM, we can play the original games of NES, SNES, Game Boy and even Nintendo 64.

Perhaps this is the most controversial front. Nintendo does not allow console emulation due to piracy, although that argument does not appear to be valid enough for Google Play emulators to be removed.

Without entering the debate about legality Having a private copy to use in an emulator, I leave a recommendation to enjoy the ultimate Mario experience. These are the titles you should not miss: