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10 Safari tricks on iOS and iPadOS that work by keeping the screen pressed


Throughout these last years, Apple has gradually incorporated many functions into its operating system. Some of them are enabled with touch gestures on the screen, others are activated by buttons, and others are used by keeping your finger pressed on the screen.

And of these last we will talk in this article. We will focus on a series of functions, features and tricks that can be enabled in Safari by holding your finger pressed in specific elements of the user interface.

It is possible that if you do not usually keep your finger pressed on some elements of your favorite applications you still do not know some of the secrets hidden by Apple's Haptic Touch functionality. Today we reveal some of the shortcuts, mens and shortcuts that you can discover by keeping your finger pressed on the screen while using Safari, Apple's default web browser.13

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Safari tricks

Safari is one of the applications that offers more functions to users when they keep their finger pressed on the screen. MacRumors editors have compiled a series of very interesting tricks for both iOS 13 and iPadOS 13.

1. Add multiple favorites at once

Did you know that you have the possibility to add many web pages to your favorites at the same time? You just have to have the different windows open, keep your finger pressed on the history, reading and favorites button (an icon in the form of an open book) and select the option “Add to favorites” the web pages of the tabs you have open.

2. Copy content to your folders

If you have a web page folder in your Safari bookmarks, keep your finger pressed on the icon of that folder and select “Copy content” and all the links in your folder will be copied so you can share or store them in another place and / or application.

3. Fast scrolling

With the arrival of iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 now in Safari we have a small side scroll bar on the left side of the web pages. If you keep your finger pressed on this scroll bar you can do scroll much faster. Sper trick.

4. Close all open tabs

Hold your finger on the lash button and select "Close the X tabs."

5. Reopen recently closed tabs

If you have closed a web page unintentionally, keep your finger pressed on the “+” button in the tab view and check out all the web pages you have visited recently.

6. Open many web pages

Hold your finger on a folder of your bookmarks and select "Open in new tabs" to open all your favorite web pages in one fell swoop.

7. Preview the content of a link

Do you want to take a slight look at the content of a link without having to enter the website? No problem. Keep your finger pressed on the link and see a thumbnail of the web. In this tutorial you can learn to enable and disable the preview of links on iOS 13 and iPadOS 13.

8. Merge all windows

IPadOS 13 users who usually use the Slide Over and Split View functions of iPad Multitasking will already know more than enough this fantastic trick. When you have two windows open (in split screen) in Safari, if you keep your finger pressed on the button of the tabs in the upper right corner you can merge all the windows.