Xiaomi registers smartphone patent that is inspired by the design of Mi Mix Alpha

Xiaomi registers smartphone patent that is inspired by the design of Mi Mix Alpha

The year 2019, without a doubt, was a completely revolutionary stage in which the companies decided to bet and venture into innovation, showing completely different concepts willing to break paradigms, such is the case of folding devices such as Samsung Galaxy Fold Y Huawei Mate X.

Likewise, Xiaomi I surprised with a completely different smartphone that stands out not only for its technical specifications, but for its design that, although not foldable, showed a smartphone whose body was covered, in its entirety, by the screen.

We are talking about Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha, a device that would arrive at the end of December, but that delay its release.

These may have been the two Xiaomi names

Xiaomi, in the search to bring the perfect smartphone to the world, it has not stopped registering patents that show mobile devices with very innovative designs. Now, a new patent has been disclosed that was applied for in December 2018, but that until 2020 was approved.

According to what we can see in the image, this mobile device may have two screens: a front and a rear, but in reality it appears to be flexible.

The difference you may have with the My Mix Alpha is that, instead of having a full screen, on one of its sides the power / lock buttons, volume and, on the back, a double camera will be included.

The smartphone can solve many problems and, unlike other models already existing in the market, it will focus on space saving and not so much on carrying an impractical mobile device as a tablet in your pocket in the style of the new Motorola Razr. In addition, the cell phone will not be as fragile as the Mi Mix Alpha appears to be.

One of the Galaxy S20 will have more RAM than many computers

It will be a matter of waiting for Xiaomi Decide to announce this smartphone officially.

Do you think that folding smartphones will be the future in this market?