Xiaomi does not sound or be heard under: 5 possible solutions


Some users ensure that the headphones emit no sound. Others claim that the sound is heard very low. This time we have compiled several of the most frequent sound problems in Xiaomi to give them solution.

Notifications do not sound on Xiaomi (WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram …)

The solution to this problem depends on the origin of it. Usually, this is a problem related to WhatsApp permissions or the configuration of notifications in the application itself. In the first case, the solution is to go to the Applications section in Settings; ms specifically until the option of Manage applications.

Within this we will select the desired application and immediately followed the option of Notifications, where we will have to make sure that the Allow sound and Allow vibration options are checked. Then we will activate the Automatic Start option that we can find by going back to the application in question.

Another possible solution is to review the application settings. In WhatsApp and Telegram we can go to the application settings in question. In Notifications we can configure the different audible messages. It is also recommended disable Do not disturb mode to force the system to generate audible messages.

Xiaomi speaker is not heard: solution

Once we have ruled out that it is not an application problem, it is time to check the health of the phone speakers. For this we will have to use a test with which all Xiaomi phones have.

Activating this test is as simple as going to the Device Information section in Settings, where we will have to press four times in a row on kernel version. An application will automatically start that allows us to check the operation of all the terminal components. The one that interests us is that of Speaker.

xiaomi sound problem (1)

The process from now on is as simple as following the steps indicated in the wizard. As a general rule, we will have to press the numbers that the recording indicates through the internal and external speaker. If they do not deliver any sound, it is probably a hardware failure. Otherwise we can proceed to format the phone to clean any failed configuration.

The Xiaomi speaker is heard under: solution

It may be the case that the sound emitted by the speakers is very low due to component error or excessive use. The only software solution that we can apply to this problem consists in use the GOODEV Volume Amplifier application, which we can download from Google Play through this link.

Once downloaded, we will activate the Boost option and regulate the level depending on the sound emitted by the phone: higher Boost level, greater sound saturation. Therefore, the most recommended is regulate the Volume and Boost parameters equally.

Headphones are not heard on Xiaomi: solution

Does it happen with a pair of headphones? Or with everyone? If the problem occurs with all connections, its origin may be in the telephone jack. The solution for this is to resort to a toothbrush with soft bristles to clean the dirt from the connector. We can also use a stick or any object with a non-metallic tip.

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