Con este truco podrás instalar Google Camera en cualquier móvil Android 1

With this trick you can install Google Camera on any Android mobile

With this trick you can install Google Camera on any Android mobile 1

GCam is the camera app that everyone wants to have on the mobile. However, it is only intended for Google phones.

But do not worry, there are still hopes of having an adapted version of the app on your device thanks to the work of developers. The bad news is that GCam only works correctly on devices with Snapdragon processors, with some exceptions.

How can you have Google Camera on your mobile? You can search for the corresponding APK in popular developer forums, or you can apply this trick.

All versions of GCam available in one app

If you do not want to waste time searching for APK compatible with your mobile, you can use Gcamator. It is an application that Automatically detect your device and suggest the GCam version compatible.

Just open the app to verify if you have the API 2 for the camera enabled and in the second section check the device data and suggest the latest version GCam compatible.

With this trick you can install Google Camera on any Android 2 mobile

If for some reason you cannot find your mobile, you can go directly to the third section to manually search the list of compatible devices.

In this case we tried Gcamator from a Xiaomi, but the steps are the same in all compatible phones. You click to install and the corresponding GCam version will be downloaded.

With this trick you can install Google Camera on any Android 3 mobile

Keep in mind that you are not installing a Google Play app so that your device will launch the security alert, as you see in the third image. Don't worry, you just have to go to Settings and allow (if you wish) the installation from Authorize downloads from this source or a similar configuration depending on your device.

It is an interesting option because it greatly simplifies the process: find the compatible version and give you the download option so that you install it from the same application. It is fast and simple.

If your mobile is not on the list you can send a message to the developer to let you know when a GCam version is available. And if you already have a version of the Google Camera installed and want to verify if there is any update you can do it since the Gcamator detects this data. If you want to upgrade to a new version, the developer recommends uninstalling the previous one, although it is not always necessary.

A detail to keep in mind is that the app only facilitates the search and installation of GCam, so it has nothing to do with the operation of the application on your mobile once installed.

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