Why the Huawei Mate 30 Pro charges your battery so fast with and without cables

Why the Huawei Mate 30 Pro charges your battery so fast with and without cables

One of the great challenges of manufacturers today is to make the
battery charging of your equipment is faster, all this in turn
battery can last longer. And is that
For years Huawei is one of the firms that invest more money in R&D to
find new technologies that benefit the experience of using their
devices, and with the Mate 30 they presented one of the best charging systems
The world's fast with both wires and without them.

The magic of Huawei with the
ultrafast charging system

Getting a phone with a 4,500 mAh battery Charging in less than an hour is a complicated task, but Huawei is one of the few firms that today can boast its achievement, and above all ensure that charging the battery so fast does not represent any type of danger to the user or the device .

The secret of the firm is in its technology Supercharge what
It offers a power of 40W (watts). This is little more than twice the power
that offer many high-end today, as the most common figure in the
Different current fast charging systems range between 18 and 21W.

In addition to this incredible power, this technology has a TV security certification (Technischer berwachungs-Verein) which certifies that the SuperCharge technology with and without cable is totally safe for users.

And taking up the issue of wireless or wireless charging, Huawei also has one of the fastest charging technologies in the world with the Mate 30 Pro, as the device supports 27W of power, which is up to 2 times faster compared to others. smartphones, as some devices with this technology support between 10 and 15W of power with this type of charge.

Reversible wireless charging of
high speed

Another of the great improvements that come with the Mate 30 is the reversible wireless charging, a technology that although we have already seen it in other models of the company, is now much faster and more efficient, because according to Huawei, the Mate 30 Pro is 3 times higher compared to that of the Mate 20 Pro.

If you don't know what the reversible wireless charge is, it is the feature
with which you can use the Mate 30 Pro as a charging base to pass energy or
charge the battery of other phones that support wireless charging.