WhatsApp Web also join the dark side?

WhatsApp Web also join the dark side?

The dark mode is becoming a fashion format in various platforms and applications. Its lower luminosity is nicer for the eyes and for many hours to the computer.

Therefore, messaging services such as WhatsApp have also wanted to adopt this fund and now according to WAbetainfo, be available on the web version and Desktop.

According to this version, the developers of the platform belonging to Facebook, “They are still working to implement the dark theme correctly. In fact, the background color for the emojis is not transparent, but it is still white. The development team still needs to modify the user interface a bit, but it already looks incredible and already they achieved excellent results! ”

whatsapp web dark mode

Of course, the people of the site specialized in the messenger service adds that, “WhatsApp may decide to enable it very soon, to officially launch the dark theme in the stable launches of WhatsApp in the Play Store and App Store, but another plan could be to continue working in l ”.

The truth is that according to these screenshots, green predominate as color stripes and conversation separations.

whatsapp web dark mode 2

On the other hand, we see that in the Web version you can continue using the stickers, as is done in other applications such as Telegram.

How to install WhatsApp web

It is important to note that the best way to open WhatsApp web on your computer is to open the site in your browser, and then follow the instructions provided by the application.

  1. Open now the WhatsApp in the cell phone.
  2. Touch the Menu … Settings … and select WhatsApp Web.
  3. When the camera is activated, point the phone towards a QR code and scan it.

The only restriction of use that WhatsApp web has is that it is impossible to use WhatsApp Web if you do not have your cell phone close and on, so if it runs out of battery the service can not be used on your computer or tablet either.

To configure notifications

  1. Open WhatsAppWeb / Desktop.
  2. Click Men on the top bar of your chat list.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Click on Notifications. On this screen, you can choose:
    • deactivate or activate the options Sounds, Desktop alerts and Show preview;
    • disable all alerts and chat sounds for a certain period of time. To activate notifications again, click Alerts and sounds disabled. Click to activate. In the top bar of your chat list.

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