WhatsApp dark mode comes to iPhone

At last WhatsApp dark mode is coming to iPhone, although at the moment it is not available for all users, but only for those who use a very specific service that allows access to the beta of this messenger application on iOS.

While WhatsApp already has the dark mode in Android for a few weeks now, on iOS still resists reaching the stable version, which is somewhat surprising because generally the time of arrival of novelties to both systems is usually very short.

In any case, it is much more complicated to access the WhatsApp beta for iOS than on Android because the places to access are very limited and only a few users have access to try the latest news of this and other applications.

Auto Dark Mode

The WhatsApp dark mode on iOS is automatically activated, that is, the application detects when the system has the dark mode activated and immediately the app also changes its classic interface in each of the sections it has.

That means that the menu, the conversations, the main screen, the section of the states and all the other sections will acquire the dark color and will have flashy typefaces so that everything is easy to read as we can see in WABetaInfo.

Image - WhatsApp dark mode reaches iPhone

This new way that change the look of WhatsApp Be especially useful at night or when using the phone in dimly lit environments, because the dark color helps your eyesight since your eyes will not suffer so much, something that you will surely notice as soon as you start using it.

As we mentioned, the dark mode has reached WhatsApp beta for iOS and Right now there is no way to get a pass through Testflight, an app that allows you to test betas from different apps, such as WhatsApp and others, but right now there is no possibility.

The only thing left is to wait for the stable version of WhatsApp that is in the AppStore be updated and all users can enjoy the dark mode, something that will surely happen very soon, because the date is now closer than ever.

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