Walkie talkie apps for Android and iOS: these are the best

Walkie talkie apps for Android and iOS: these are the best

The consecration of smart phones in a world full of text messages, social networks and instant messenger applications seems to have relegated the humble walkie talkie. But, although these teams have lost strength for most of us, their spirit has seen a rebirth in the hands of a series of applications walkie talkie for Android and iOS. Sending voice messages is faster than writing them on a screen, and in some cases it is much more convenient. In fact, Apple Watch in WatchOS 5 currently has a walkie-talkie mode.

It is important to consider that walkie talkies They use radio waves to send messages. However, smart phone applications do so through an LTE connection. This means that they will not be able to send messages from walkie talkies real, since phones lack the hardware to do so, with some very specialized exceptions. However, there is no alternative more convenient to send a quick audio message to a friend's phone. Therefore, we present the best applications walkie talkie for Android yiOS.


Zello is one of the applications walkie talkie for Android and iOS best known in the market, and it's easy to find out why. You can talk directly with a particular person or create a group channel for your friend or workgroup. If you are particularly sociable, you can even join a specialized channel to discuss any topic. Voice messages will be played immediately if the application is open or will be played later when the recipient has time. You can also send text messages, images or alerts. A very useful feature is the ability to establish a volume level for each individual user, which is especially useful in group channel conversations.

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Voxer is an alternative application of walkie talkie. useful if you want the features of Zello, but also have a more traditional chat interface. It is built rather as a traditional instant messenger application and even includes a thread view, text chat and support for sending images. Unfortunately, it has no option to broadcast messages on channels like Zello, although you can create group chats. Basic access is free, but you must subscribe to a Pro account for additional features, including hands-free mode, voice-to-text transcription, the ability to retrieve sent messages and much more. Pro access costs $ 3 per month or $ 30 per year.

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VoicePing is an application designed primarily for business users, but can be used by anyone with an Android or iOS device. It is designed to resemble a more traditional messenger application, but here there is more than the chat application interface.

Voice messages can be played from any contact at any time, even with the screen turned off and the phone locked, and you can choose to chat 1 to 1 or choose up to 200 contacts in a group chat.

Advanced features allow you to ping specific contacts to get attention, or take control of a group chat with an SOS message. It also works with headphones with PTT buttons, which makes it extremely useful for certain commercial users.



One of the purest versions of a walkie-talkie application, Breakr, promises to talk and a little more. It is really easy to use, you just have to press and hold the button, talk and release the button to send a message.

But, if you can't talk on any occasion, don't worry, with Breakr you can write a message and the application will take care of reading it to your recipient with the text-to-speech service.

In addition, the application has a function to change your voice, if you prefer to chat animate (or just say something with a silly robot voice), and the 24-hour chat history allows you to not miss any message.

The only drawback is that it does not have a real text chat option, and it is only for iOS, so it is limited to chat only with friends with iPhones.