Twitter details new policy for its multimedia content

Twitter details new policy for its multimedia content

A new policy for multimedia content is generating Twitter, all as a response to the artificial modification of photos and videos that can generate confusion in the community and are one step away from misinformation.

After collecting more than 6,500 responses with its campaign with the hashtag #TwitterPolicyFeedback, the social network determined some rules to regulate this content.

So among the most repeated requests by users were: That Twitter should provide more information about the altered content and almost 9 out of 10 individuals said that placing warning labels, along with significantly altered content, will be well seen.

On whether it is pertinent to eliminate this content, more than 55% of the respondents said no, since it violated principles of freedom, but they agreed to do so to the extent that it gives third parties in full or when this content begins to Share indiscriminately and at high speed.

The first thing that Twitter did was to define what is meant by altered multimedia content:

  • If the content has been substantially edited, to the extent that fundamentally alters its composition, sequence, time, or number of video frames;
  • Any visual or auditory information (for example: new video frames, superimposed audio, or modified subtitles) that has been added or removed
  • If the audiovisual content that you present to a real person has been manufactured or simulated
  • The text of the Tweet that accompanies or that includes the content
  • The metadata associated with the contents
  • The information in the profile of the person who shares the content
  • The linked websites in the profile of the person who shares the content, or in the Tweet that shares the content

On that, the social network of Jack Dorsey considered that the things that must be taken into account to unsubscribe this content are:

  • Threats to the physical security of a group or person.
  • The risk of mass violence or widespread civil unrest.
  • Threats to the privacy or ability of a person or group to express themselves freely or participate in civic events; these may be: harassment or unwanted and obsessive attention; targeted content that includes eptets or material that aims to silence someone; suppression or intimidation of voters.

What action to take Twitter with this multimedia content:

  • Tag the Tweet
  • Show a warning to people, before they give a Retweet or a Like to Tweet
  • Reduce the visibility of the Tweet on Twitter and / or prevent its recommendation; I
  • Provide additional explanations or clarifications, as long as they are available, such as redirecting to another page that offers more context.

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