Whatsapp para Android

This is all WhatsApp knows about us.

Whatsapp for Android

This is the most popular mobile application. With millions and millions of downloads worldwide, WhatsApp is the most downloaded messenger application with up to 2 billion active users and all this despite the fact that other apps like Telegram are in our opinion, much safer and more complete.

What does this mean? That WhatsApp, for some years owned by Facebook and Marck Zuckerberg, handles millions of personal data of users from all over the planet every day. Millions of private data that pass through your servers without us really knowing your destination. Of course WhatsApp states that they do not keep any information, moreover, in their own website they recognize what information they store and what they do with all the data they collect..

What WhatsApp collects from its users

We all know that WhatsApp is not the safest messenger app and despite that we continue to use it. Although we cannot deny the attempt on the part of its developers to turn it into a more private platform, facts like the richest man in the world and owner of Amazon is hacked by a simple message of this application, show that there is still a long way to go.

According to the application itself, This is the most relevant information WhatsApp knows about us:

  • Account Information: Of course to use WhatsApp you need to give a phone number as well as a profile name and a photo. WhatsApp also collects all the data of our contacts such as telephone numbers, electronic addresses and others.

  • Our messages: The popular messaging app acknowledges not saving any of the messages we send to our contacts on your servers … except for some exceptions. The fact is that when a message cannot be delivered to the recipient, it is stored on WhatsApp servers for up to 30 days while trying to deliver it again.

  • Information on use and registration: A kind of tailor's box where WhatsApp collects information about our activity, the time and duration we make of your services, information about when we registered, the functions we use, information about our profile picture or biography … that is, all our activity in WhatsApp.

  • Information about our device and connection: WhatsApp collects information about the device we use and the type of connection we use.

  • Location Information: It wasn't going to be less. The Facebook-owned app also keeps the locations of places we send and receive by message.

Of course this is not all the information that is collected from us. The complete list is in the Legal Information section of WhatsApp where It also explains how they use all the information collected. It is a very recommendable reading and that should make us reflect a lot of everything we are giving in exchange for being able to use a “free” application such as WhatsApp.