iPad Pro 2020

The new iPad Pro with 5G will launch in autumn, its renovation may be delayed

iPad Pro 2020

Apple did not renew the iPad Pro last year and rumors of the past few months announced a launch in early 2020. Now according to reports Digitimes, until next year we will not see the first models with 5G, so the update of the beginning of the year could be delayed until next year.

Apple was expected to launch a renovation of the iPad Pro in March of this 2019 maintaining its renewed design and with a significant improvement in the rear cameras using a module similar to that of the iPhone 11 Pro. However, this new report ensures that until September we will not see the 5G models, which will be used in Apple's new A14 processor.

It is not specified whether to be an update of this supposed model that we see in March or if the launch has been delayed until autumn, but what seems clear is that in case Apple launches new iPad Pro soon, they will not have the A14 processor since this has not yet begun to occur.

iPad Pro 5g

IPad Pro may be delayed

If we listen to this new report, it seems strange that Apple, After being an entire year without updating the iPads Pro, I will update it twice in 2020, one now in March with the three rear cameras and another one in autumn to include the A14 processor and the 5G technology. It really seems more sensible to wait until autumn and launch all these functions at once.

Apple is expected to launch new iOS devices, including iPhone and iPad, which will incorporate 5G sub-6GHz and mmWave specifications probably in September, which will significantly increase the demand for the 5nm A14 processor. The A14 can be used in various iOS mobile devices for different 5G frequency bands as long as the corresponding modem chips and AiP modules are adopted. Qualcomm provide 5G Snapdragon X55 modem chipsets for new iPhone devices in 2020".

If this information is confirmed it seems clear that iPad Pro this year is delayed until the end of 2020, something that thinking about it makes perfect sense. To update the iPad Pro now, Apple could have done it before in October. And now launch an iPad Pro with an A13X Bionic software when the A14 processor is just around the corner will not be too logical.