LCD screen and without fingerprint sensor on screen

The cheap Samsung Galaxy S10 will have fingerprint sensor on the side

The news about the future Samsung Galaxy S10 (or futures, because we know there will be more than one) continue to increase day by day, at a faster rate than those of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, a terminal that will be announced in just over a month.

But it is logical, the relevance of the Galaxy S on duty is perhaps the highest among the hundreds of Android phones that are announced every year.

As if that were not enough, the Galaxy S10 will be an important terminal for Samsung for being the device launched on the tenth anniversary of the family, and for being in charge of revitalizing sales.

Three models, but with differences

Although given that there is still a long time until MWC 2019, at which time the Galaxy S10 is expected to be announced, rumors suggest that there will be three models.

The Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus are as expected, and will feature improvements as a sensor FOD (Fingerprint On Display). This will make the cost of smartphones rise quite a lot since a conventional sensor has a cost for the manufacturer of about 2 dollars and one located under the screen costs about 15 dollars.

Since it is more than likely that the final price of the Galaxy S10 is higher than the Samsung Galaxy S9 you need a cheaper terminal.

There will be a cheap Samsung Galaxy 10 without FOD

That model will be the Samsung Galaxy S10 SE, as it is currently named. That model will be quite different from his older brothers. We do not know if as much as the Xiaomi Mi 8 SE differs from the Mi 8, but there will definitely be differences.

One of the main ones will be the inclusion of a fingerprint sensor in the right side frame since Samsung would not use an FOD to cut costs in this model.

This makes us doubt whether the design will be the same, because with the current curvature of the Galaxy S place a fingerprint sensor as they have the Moto Z3 Play or some Sony Xperia of previous generations.

It is expected that this model also saves costs in the photographic section and it is expected that the highest priced model will have triple camera. Maybe the normal S10 uses a dual system and this cheap Samsung Galaxy S10 implements a single rear camera.