The best screen protectors for the Samsung Galaxy S20

The best screen protectors for the Samsung Galaxy S20

Galaxy S20

The expected Samsung Galaxy S20, finally came to light just a few days ago and its fantastic specifications have not disappointed the faithful legin of the brand's followers. This device has an excellent 6.2 inch screen, which you will surely want to take care of to the fullest. That is why, in this article we present the Best screen protectors for the Galaxy S20.You can not lose this!

The best screen protectors for the Samsung Galaxy S20 that you can buy

The Samsung Galaxy S20 comes with a built-in screen protector, but for no one it is a secret that is not what we expected. However, you don't have to worry, fortunately there are Many quality options in the market, and then we invite you to know the best 3.

Spigen screen protector: quality guaranteed

Spigen screen protector

This is one of the best screen protectors for your Galaxy S20. It is a flexible TPU protective foil It is designed to adapt perfectly to the curved edges of your smartphone screen and is very resistant. In addition, it is compatible with all cases and allows you to use the fingerprint sensor without problems. Best of all, you just have to pay 9.99 euros for two units.

ROVLAK tempered glass offers great strength and protection

ROVLAK crystal

This is another excellent option to protect the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S20. Is a ultra flat tempered glass Designed to fully protect the screen of the device, in addition to offering a touch experience equal to the original. It does not interfere with the use of the fingerprint sensor and it is also extremely easy to install. Its price is just 6.99 euros, A true gift, taking into account everything it offers.

HD crystal MSOVA, well, pretty and cheap

MSOVA crystal

Another fantastic screen protector for the Galaxy S20 that you can get at an excellent price. East tempered glass reinforced It is twice as resistant as a conventional glass, so it offers you extra protection. It also has water / oil resistance and does not interfere with the accuracy of the touch or the fingerprint sensor on the screen. It can be yours for just 4.59 euros.

ESR screen protector, another great option

ESR Protector

This flexible TPU screen protector is designed to protect the curved edges of the Galaxy S20 screen, in addition to covering it completely. Its thinness allows the fingerprint sensor to run smoothly. Technically, this is a two pack, with a additional screen saver to practice. Of course, if you install it well on the first attempt, then you will have two spare blades. Its price is of 9.99 euros on Amazon.

TAURI screen protector has the best design

TAURI screen protector

TAURI offers a package of three flexible TPU sheets, very easy to install and covering the entire screen from top to bottom. What we like most about this screen protector for the Galaxy S20, is its design that has a cutout for the front camera to prevent dust from accumulating on the camera and screen. You can take home a pack of three units for 7.99 euros.

And t Have you already chosen the screen protector for your Samsung Galaxy S20? Remember that not all are compatible with the fingerprint sensor.