The best cheap and quality headphones you can buy

The best cheap and quality headphones you can buy

If you are looking for quality headphones, but that do not alter your savings in the bank read on! Below, we show you the best cheap headphones on the market.

For quite some time, we have been testing hundreds of models of all prices and qualities, these are the ones that have convinced us the most, always taking into account that we needed to find the best and, at the same time, the most economical ones.

Honor Roll

Product Category
Shure SE112 The best
JLab Studio Icon The best on-ears
Audio Technica ATH-M20X The best over-ears
Advanced S2000 The best to train
Google Pixel USB-C earbuds The best for Android users
Panasonic ErgoFit RP-TCM125-K The best option below $ 20 dollars.

Shure SE112

The best

cheap headphones

Why should you buy them? They offer a perfect combination of comfort, sound and portability.

Who are they for? For the active and everyday listener who wants excellent sound in a compact and portable package.

Why do we choose the SE112 from Shure? Many hearing aid users want some that are simple and sound great, and they cannot (or simply do not want) to spend more than a moderate amount of cash to get them. We know you're looking for something like that, and that's why we show you some good options below $ 50 dollars, but we insist: Shure SE112s are the ones we recommend again and again.

The SE112 are an in-ear headset from one of the most prestigious audio companies on the planet and offer a simple appearance, a comfortable fit and a surprisingly good sound for its price. With a pure and open sound that easily surpasses the competition, the SE112 are really better than many of the headphones we tested and cost twice as much.

The high level treble and the powerful bass, but not too loud, combine to provide pure details at all times, accurately reproducing your favorite music, and giving you energy on trips and long workouts. Although his fidelity does not match that of the headphones premium, the SE112 allow you to save money to buy really special headphones in the future.

JLab Studio Icon

The best cheap headphones on-ears

large black headphones

Why should you buy them? The convenience of wireless technology makes these headphones an excellent choice for listening to music while traveling.

Who are they for? Anyone who wants a set of wireless headphones at an excellent price.

Why do we choose the JLab Studio Icon?

It is difficult to overcome the value offered by the JLab Studio Icon cones. For less than the price of a basic set of wired headphones, you get the convenience of Bluetooth wireless technology in a very comfortable and lightweight design.

The JLab Studio Icon may not offer the most professional sound of all, but they have few functions. With three levels of built-in equalizer, there is no need to worry about the configuration in the application. The built-in microphone allows you to handle voice calls, and the simple controls allow you to adjust the volume and playback.

With 13 hours of playing time with a full charge, these headphones can easily last a full day, however, it is important that you know, these headphones only work wirelessly, which means that, if the battery runs out or if You want to use it with an older device, you can't do it.