Pascal’s Wager

the alternative to Dark Souls for iPhone

Pascals Wager

In September 2011 it was launched by From Software the delivery of Dark souls, reaching high levels of popularity among players and forging a new legacy in terms of fantasy games, fighting and dark stories. And although in the App Store we can find several video games with similarities such as Infinity Blade, the reality is that it is necessary to have a game in pure style souls.

The Dark Souls for smartphone

In the Keynote for Apple developers in 2019 the title was presented Pascals Wager, same as immediately could not avoid comparisons with Dark Souls. However, all this did not attract negative opinions, but eagerness and interest to see what this new game of the Giant Network developers will bring.

Finally a few days ago it has been released for purchase in the App Store and ultimately, we are in front of a clone of Dark Souls. On your website we can already start researching and investigating throughout your world, learn from your creatures and their characters. This role-playing game already has ratings in the Apple app store. Most are very favorable, highlighting the graphics and the soundtrack.

About Pascals Wager

Pascals Wager has a very nice gameplay, it is very fluid (depending on your device) and immediately it is enveloping. Its 20 hours of duration, the fragmented story in the video scenes between the action and the possibility of using a remote to improve the experience, make this a video game to be followed closely, like these other great Apple Arcade games.

It has 4 playable characters, each with certain abilities and a different combat system. The website also tells about them, their history and relationship with this dark world that is led by the colossi, who are revered and followed by people.

It is important to mention that at the moment the game does not have language or subtitles in Spanish, but developers have already said that this language support is very close. Its cost is $ 7 dollars, you can buy it here. Requires iOS 9 or later and not yet available for Android until the second quarter of the year. We also tell you all the news of Call Of Duty Mobile.