The 5 best cheap tech accessories you can buy

The 5 best cheap tech accessories you can buy

cheap technological accessories

December is a month of sharing and giving gifts, however, many people instead of receiving gifts at Christmas, receive some money that they can use to buy a quality technological accessory.

If that is your case, you should see the 5 technological accessories We have brought for you. All these accessories are of great quality and priced below 70 to invest your money correctly. And the best of these 5 accessories is that are from amazon, for which you can count on all the guarantees that this page offers you.

The Motorola Pulse Escape + headphones are excellent

Pulse Escape Plus Motorola headphones

We started with excellent Motorola headphones. Pulse Escape + have the peculiarity that you can use them with Bluetooth or with cable, as they come with a 3.5mm jack port.

Autonomy is another point in its favor. The battery offers you up to 20 hours of playback. They have three buttons on the right handset to change the volume, songs, pause playback, answer calls and turn them on.

To make matters worse, Amazon's Pulse Escape + headphones come with noise isolation, allowing them to offer quite high sound quality, and all this for only 39.99.

Smartband Fitbit Inspire HR has a lot of functions

Smartband Fitbit Inspire HR

If what you want is a smart bracelet, The Fitbit Inspire HR is an excellent option for you. This smartband has a large number of functions, all very useful for anyone, regardless of age or sex.

  • Sleep Monitor
  • Monitor up to 15 different sports activities.
  • Owns a relaxation guide.
  • Resists depths of up to 50 meters, thanks to its 5 ATM certification.
  • Constant monitoring of heart rate.
  • Measure the distance traveled and the pace in real time.
  • Notifications of calls, messages and other apps.

There is no doubt that the Fitbit Inspire HR is one of the smartbands with more features available on the market, and with an average use, It is capable of lasting up to 5 days without requiring a new charge. Take advantage and get yours for 69.99.

The Echo Dot is ideal for creating a smart home

Echo Dot third generation

What can we say about Amazon Echo Dot That has not been said. It is a speaker that has one of the best virtual assistants in the market as it is Alexa. The things you can do with Alexa are quite extensive, you can take a look at these 50 voice commands that you can tell your Amazon Echo Dot for Alexa to make your life easier.

As for the design of this smart speaker, it is quite attractive, with a fabric cover that you can choose in black, light gray, dark gray and mauve. It has a ring of light and 4 buttons for volume, turn off the microphone or action button. Also It has a 3.5mm output in case you want to connect headphones.

To make your home a smart home, the Amazon Echo Dot is one of the accessories that you can not let have and Its price is only 29.99.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is the big rival of Google Chromecast

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Many people do not know that with the Amazon Fire TV Stick you can not only enjoy the content that Amazon has on its streaming platform, but also, you can configure it to watch Netflix, YouTube, listen to Spotify, enjoy games, apps and many more options.