The 43 console games on android

The 43 games that came from mobile consoles

In Android we have a huge variety of games. While some are games designed exclusively for mobiles, others come from consoles and PCs. Today we present some games that originally they were console and came to Android.

Are you a gamer of all your life? Then this compilation of games interests you. Today we show you some of the best games you can play on Android that come from more powerful gaming platforms (or classic), such as Playstation, Xbox or even PC. Classic and modern games that have come to Android.

Never alone

One of the indie games with the best review of the end of 2014, and that came to Android this year. A beautiful platform and puzzle game that inspired by the culture of the Iñupiaq people of Alaska.

Disney Castle of Illusion

The 43 console games on android

A Sega Genesis classic that was remastered for Xbox 360 and PC. The Android version is based on this remastering, and it is a great game that reminds us of an era in which Disney made great contributions to the world of video games.


Puzzle game with hand-drawn graphics that initially came out for PC and that its success has allowed it to reach Android.


Another excellent title from the creators of Machinarium. An adventure and humor game that also stands out in its artistic section, improving Machinarium in aspects such as the soundtrack.


A game not suitable for all audiences, since the message that saves this platform title is somewhat gloomy. Even so, it is a small masterpiece that we celebrate that ended up coming to Android after passing through consoles and PCs.


The first Rayman, the original Playstation 1 that marked one of Ubisoft's most iconic videogame sagas.

The Banner Saga 1 and 2