Stephen King leaves Facebook scared by so many fake news

Stephen King leaves Facebook scared by so many fake news

The writer Stephen King is an active participant of social networks, through his official channels he gives opinions of the contingency of the United States and takes advantage of hitting with his darts the president Donald Trump, of whom he is an acrimo rival.

In fact he has criticized it openly, as before presenting his work The Institute.

All I can say is that I wrote it already in the era of Donald Trump. And by then I had a feeling, now stronger and stronger, that the weak and the people to whom they take rights, because they do not fit the standard idea of ​​a white American, are being marginalized.

And in the last few hours and online with this campaign, I decided to announce on Twitter that I would stop using Facebook and that I would definitely close your account, mainly motivated to avoid the large amount of fake news and misinformation that circulates there.

The explanation of the IT writer did not wait to justify his departure from the social network created by Mark Zuckerberg.

“I don't feel comfortable with the avalanche of false information that is allowed in their political advertising, nor do I trust their ability to protect the privacy of their users. Follow me (and Molly, also known as The Thing of Evil) on Twitter, if you wish, ”said the author of Carrie, who is already 72 years old.

In that sense, one of Stephen King's main concerns has to do with Facebook's lack of security and privacy, especially because it continues to allow political notices, which for the novelist constitutes a violation of the principle of freedom of choice, on the eve of new presidential votes coming.

But it was not the first touch of the writer with virtual life, since in countless occasions he has said that he is terrified of the direction that the current hyperconnected world is following.

“I worry that there is a government that has too much power and that they try to do things thinking that the ends justify the means. I care for helpless people who try to defend themselves, ”he said once.

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