Spotify copies one of the latest features of Apple Music


You turn on your iPad or your iPhone, access the music app, look for one of those songs that make you vibrate so much and suddenly you are singing. All this with the invaluable help of Apple Music, which with the arrival of the version of iOS 13 introduced in its application a display that allows you to see the lyrics of your songs in perfect synchronization. Well, now Spotify users can also start enjoying this wonderful novelty.

Recently, as indicated by Android Police, Spotify has started releasing an update on its servers thanks to which similar functionality has been activated. The lucky ones that are within the group of users who have been enabled this feature they can now convert their devices into portable karaokes With your favorite songs. At least, with some of them, since it also depends on the lyrics of the song being previously synchronized.

For the moment, to be able to identify the songs that you can sing on your mobile in a live voice you will have to check if they show the distinctive “Letter” or “Lyrics”. This indication means that the lyrics of the song have been reviewed and that the display is activated for it. And all this is possible thanks to the collaboration between Spotify and Musicxmatch, the latter being the one that provides the service of all the letters that will then be available for our enjoyment.

Spotify Letter AndroidGo: Android Police

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In short, if watching Apple Music users enjoy their songs accompanied by their lyrics (not seeing us tearing them apart with our voice) gave you some envy as a Spotify user that you know that you won't have to wait much longer To match the experience. Although it is a staggered release, soon all Spotify users may have the opportunity to learn more about the lyrics of your favorite songs to get carried away with music.