Spielberg puts his dose of nostalgia with Amazing Stories

Spielberg puts his dose of nostalgia with Amazing Stories

There is no doubt that the eighties nostalgia is today. And it is also clear that nothing represents her more than Steven Spielberg's work. Apple TV Plus knows this and that is why he recruited the famous director of E.T. to revive his successful series Amazing Stories

Originally aired between 1985 and 1987, the new season will consist of five episodes (five unique stories), according to the trailer, once it opens on this platform streaming Friday, March 6.

These five episodes, in addition, may just be the first installment of this fantasy, science fiction and mystery style anthology series The Twilight Zone, because at first it was talked about 10 episodes.

What is a fact is that those who loved the original series will not be disappointed, because unlike other series that have been retaken today, this promises a continuity completely faithful to the episodes transmitted more than three decades ago, including a Soundtrack derived directly from the original, composed by John Williams.

This project, which Apple TV Plus is betting to bring to life a platform of streaming that still fails to take off at all, has been cooking for years. In 2014, the NBC put Bryan Fuller at the head of a plan to make a version of Amazing Stories; three years later, in 2017, the rights passed to Apple, with Amblin, the producer of Spielberg, in charge of co-production. A year later, Fueller's departure was announced. Later the project began to be mentioned from the presentation of Apple TV Plus, in March 2019.

The 45 episodes that formed the two original seasons of Amazing Stories (title inspired by a popular science fiction magazine of the 20s), were broadcast by the NBC and won 12 Emmy nominations, taking five of them.

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