Siri, from Apple, refers to AMLO as "El Cacas"

  • An eschatological nickname to the president of Mexico, Andrs Manuel Lpez Obrador, has become widespread in recent days.

  • Therefore, the algorithm of Siri, Apple's artificial intelligence tool, relates the word to the name of the president.

  • The fact challenges brands that integrate this type of technology to adjust their search systems to avoid such situations.

Siri, the artificial intelligence tool for mobile devices with iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS platforms, from Apple, has been placed among the trends of Twitter this day for a very specific situation which is related to the president of Mexico, Andrs Manuel Lpez Obrador.

And when asking the question “Siri quin is El Cacas, the tool that works through voice commands refers to information related to the Mexican president, which has caused many reactions in the digital conversation of Twitter and other social networks, both sympathizers and opponents of the policies promoted by Lpez Obrador.

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The topic is already placed in the first place of Twitter trends with more than 24 thousand interactions and shows the importance that the political issue has had in digital conversation in recent times.

Apple's algorithm relates to AMLO with the term "poop"

But why does Siri respond with data from the Mexican president when talking about El Cacas? Because the digital conversation of the past few days focused his attention on the sayings of Lopez Obrador, who during a press conference mentioned the word "poop" to refer to corruption, as can be seen in this video from the Millennium news site, of the Multimedia company.

Immediately, the exclamation of AMLO became a target of ridicule by those who do not sympathize with their government actions or their sayings, to the point that on Twitter and other social networks many began to refer to the president as “El Cacas” – something similar it happened to Felipe Caldern Hinojosa when he was in charge of the federal executive power, between 2006 and 2012, when his critics and opponents refer to him with the acronym FeCal-.

The artificial intelligence tool of Apple, Siri, works by means of an algorithm that is responsible for relating terms used by social network users and searches of people who surf the Internet, so the relationship between the name AMLO and the eschatological term to which we have referred will have been related given the great activity that the word generated in the last hours and days.

Challenge for Siri and artificial intelligence

But leaving aside any political affiliation and without having to be in favor or against the actions and sayings of the current president of Mexico, the challenge of Apple, Siri and other brands that develop tools based on artificial intelligence are knowing how to discern between what people say, write, search and publish in the digital conversation and investiture that Lopez Obrador or any other president or ruler of the world represents.

The fact will show, then, that there are still many aspects that must be taken into account so that artificial intelligence is much more functional and has greater reach of true utility.