Samsung sales go down and there are two reasons that explain it

Today Samsung has published on its website the first revenue estimates of its consumer electronics division, which includes the mobile part, and the numbers are lower than last year.

The reasons are several but the strong competition of its Chinese rivals and the sales of the highest price terminals are positioned as the most relevant.

Gigantic income but less than another year

The Korean company has announced sales worth 58 billion Korean won, about 44.5 billion euros.

If we compare them with those obtained in the first quarter of this year, 60.560 million won, or with those of the second quarter of last year, 61 billion won, we see a clear trend.


We cannot deduce from that that Samsung is in trouble, but it does need a strong revulsion, as pointed out by Park Jung-hoon, manager of HDC Asset Management and Samsung shareholder.

Several reasons explain this behavior

In recent years we have seen how Chinese companies have begun to bet on foreign markets to maintain their growth rate. That includes Southeast Asia or Europe, places where Samsung has traditionally been very strong.

Last year, for example, Xiaomi took Samsung's first position as a smartphone manufacturer in India, at least in terms of sales.

On the other hand, the Galaxy S9 sales They are not being as strong as those of the Galaxy S8, which in turn were not as strong as those of the Galaxy S7.

Features of the Samsung Galaxy J3 2018

A few weeks ago we reflected on the future Samsung Galaxy S10 and how it should be a turning point for the company. In addition, the company should have a high-end device with a more content price, something that can fight in a price range more similar to that of the more advanced OnePlus or Xiaomi terminals.

And perhaps that is exactly what the company is looking for with that third variant of the Galaxy S10 that is expected to be presented alongside the two normal ones at the MWC 2019.