Steel Rage

Robot cars in Steel Rage online multiplayer

Steel Rage is a new online multiplayer robot car shooter in which we will have to face other players to prove our worth behind the wheel and as with the weapons we have at our fingertips.

A title that is characterized by a great graphic level, but perhaps sin a certain simplicity in multiplayer mode and that the player is not encouraged to complete missions and those achievements; and how well they know how to bring other multiplayer, although battle royale, such as Fortnite and PUBG Mobile.

Shooting and cars all in one

Steel rage

Steel Rage arrives eager to be something different from what what is the current panorama of shooter. We have on the one hand the great Call of Duty Mobile, and that is doing it frankly well, and on the other those Fortnite and PUBG Mobile based on battle royale. In the end, they are nothing more than human protagonists facing another. So Steel Rage already has something won first, be different.

The only thing that when we go to your online multiplayer, and that works pretty well, we are left with a taste of mouth a little weird. Above all, it is due to the lack of occurrences and ideas when facing players on the maps. If we carry a robot car we can shoot, but it stays there. There's no more. It's a matter of touching a good team to win, but few mechanics you'll find to use them.

Of course, we will be able to improve the vehicle to create a whole tank and take him to combat to have all the assurances to raise us with victory. You can even choose the weapons, chassis and skills of your vehicle. That is, you will be able to customize your game mode or style a bit.

More than 13 bodies in Steel Rage

Steel rage

Steel Rage allows us to approach more than 13 bodies with different aspects and taxes. We have since cars or minis, even those sports cars, muscle cars, vans and even SUVs. And since the games take place mainly in the cross country, there is no lack of rock music to animate the trick; in fact we wonder that there would be nothing wrong with red and black plaid shirts and the typical lumberjack …

In terms of weapons, Steel Rage has enough to differentiate ourselves from other players. We have light, medium and heavy, such as machine guns, anti-tank projectiles and missiles. It's like having a Mad Max type vehicle, but in the forest and with its grasslands.

So riding our car with energy shields, nitro-type accelerators or even the same invisibility, we will have some skills to deal with the enemy. And if we talk about the number of players, we have up to one series of 30 vehicles in each game and another way in which we face 6 against 6.

Online multiplayer so you don't miss the party

Steel rage

Steel Rage is allowed to play quite well, although what was said, leaves us a little cold at some times. Yes we highlight how well the environments are generated and how the lighting effects in broad daylight get very interesting moments when we take a game.

Technically it is a very well worked game and in which, apart from the design of the environment, we are also left with that of cars. The minis with their English flags are worked very good and almost glad to skid with them. A very good game in technical and visual, and hopefully improve with more content and modes.

Steel Rage comes to Android with good reviews and hoping that it will continue to be played to find real rivals in the games. It will not be easy with those COD, Fortnite and PUBG Mobile, but it is an interesting alternative to get out of those games.

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