Review of the Darth Vader Legacy Saga Series: the dark side of Garmin

Review of the Darth Vader Legacy Saga Series: the dark side of Garmin

garmin watch star wars edition

Review of the Darth Vader Legacy Saga Series: the dark side of Garmin

"If you are a Star Wars fan, and if you can ignore the screen and the poor quality of its graphics, this watch may carry your expectations, although its price will make you doubt."

  • Comfortable

  • Telephone application with everything you need

  • Good amount of sensors and meters

  • Resolution and dull screen colors

  • Price

It's true: the so-called wearable technology is not for everyone. And it is that one thing can be televisions, computers and cell phones, and another is to put on a connected garment. And although neither today nor a hundred years ago can we compare a watch with a scarf, the smartwatches still say a lot about the style of who wears it.

Athlete? Worried about your health and fitness? Connected? Well, nothing more to say: these gadgets they're for you. Fantastic of Star wars? We are doing well, especially if this does not mean being willing to wear anything, but a reliable product and a manufacturer recognized for the quality of their creations.

May the force … illuminate your screen

The Darth Vader Legacy Saga Series smartwatch combines exceptional sports features, smart notifications and a music player, all in a rugged and attractive watch that you will love to wear. This design pays tribute to the anti-hero of the dark side of the force, Darth Vader, and even presents faces with character themes and animations of your achieved goals. The dark side of the force couldn't with you? No problem, since there are two models available: a special edition Rey and another Vader. The Rey smart watch is white and has a case size of 40 mm, attached to a white and brown leather strap and a polished steel bezel. The one by Darth Vader comes in a 45mm case, all in a black body, a textured bezel and a black leather strap with bright reds.

garmin watch star wars editionDaniel Matus / Digital Trends

In addition, the Darth Vader model comes with the slogan "Rule the galaxy" on the back of the case, with Sith-inspired spheres. Each model has a silicone strap in addition to the leather strap included in the box.

We had the opportunity to use the Vader watch, which has a 1.3-inch screen and a resolution of 260 x 260 pixels. The quality of this, without a doubt, is the most disappointing thing about a watch that is not exactly cheap. They say the battery can last up to eight days of use on the Vader watch, and about seven days for the King model. The truth is that, giving it a very intense use, our test unit failed to exceed six days. That is confirmed that one thing is what the paper says, and another that shows the use.

garmin watch star wars editionDaniel Matus / Digital Trends

But the authentic center of operations of these watches is out, in the application that links your phone with your face. It is here that Garmin shows that he does things well. And while the information shown directly on your watch may seem poor or poorly worked in terms of graphics, it comes to life on your mobile screen. Here you do not skimp on details, with perfectly readable indicators and graphics and in Spanish. Absolutely all your physical activity is shown in real time, in addition to a series of tabs and functions that you can activate and deactivate very easily.

Both Darth Vader and Rey serve for swimming, they have GPS and a variety of sensors that include a compass, gyroscope, thermometer, an altimeter and an accelerometer. And it is to be watches of Star wars It does not mean that they are not serious sports. There is a heart rate sensor on the back, a pulse sensor inside to measure blood oxygen levels, hydration monitoring and all the activity and training plans you will need, especially if you are obsessed. of sport. The Garmin body battery power monitoring function is included, along with Garmin Pay, the Connect IQ app store, in addition to full smart watch notifications and music features.

It's a Garmin, anyway

Garmin Connect syncs with many other popular fitness apps, so you can easily share your workouts with your friends. Once the watch is paired with your phone, you will receive alerts of incoming emails, calls, text messages and social networks, all of which you can deactivate, of course, if you do not want to feel your clock vibrating at all times.

garmin watch star wars editionDaniel Matus / Digital Trends

Oh, and the Garmin Connect app also allows you to create custom workouts with your own reps, sets and rest intervals. If you like to exercise with your music, the built-in storage allows you to access an extensive library of up to 500 songs: pair the watch to a Bluetooth headset and start sweating.

garmin watch star wars editionDaniel Matus / Digital Trends

The watch activity tracking application records your steps and assigns you a daily counting goal to provide you with an incentive, adjust the count as you reach your goals. And to remember that we lift our butt from the desk, a red motion signal appears on the screen after 1 hour of inactivity is detected. Ah: and you can use it to register your dream patterns, in addition. It is a function to which you become assiduous.


The truth is that it is hard for us to understand why in Garmin they have been so neat with the screen resolution of this watch that, by characteristics, plays in the first league of the smartwatches. Its functions are useful, and its measurements very accurate. Garmin's mobile app has everything a person concerned about their physical state can want, and you won't have any disappointment using it.

Whatever a special edition of Star Wars is almost anecdotal, as anecdotal we would also like the quality of its graphics. Beyond that, everything that this watch brings inside works well, and if you're a fantastic Star wars, the money spent will be worth it.

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