Past Recorder

Record the past and play it now with Past Recorder

Past Recorder

Past Recorder is a great app in itself for a reason: Protect your privacy from those permissions that can be granted by some apps themselves; and even those celebrities who try to go unnoticed and we have known that they record the audio in the background.

Today, with the newest versions of Android already permits are granular and it is more complicated than an app to record in the background. But even so, this app will allow you, as long as you have it active in the background, to go back up to 30 minutes to play the audio. That is, you can record meetings and another series of sessions for later use.

Record the past with Past Recorder

Past Recorder

Past Recorder is an app designed for certain users who want to enjoy their experience and service. It is practically responsible for recording the audio at all times and from the notification panel access the recording in order to cast back in time up to 30 minutes.

That is, having it active all the time we can use it to reproduce that sound that we have not been attentive because we were in the kitchen while our little one was in the living room. Or even when we are in a meeting and a posteriori we want to review the contract conditions that we just signed with a company or the bank itself.

For these uses, and many more, Past Recorder is a great app, since it is perfectly developed and does not even overwhelm us with convoluted menus. We have the main app and that active notification in the panel to access it and quickly access any of the last 30 minutes; You can also listen for seconds, minutes and more.

If you want to protect your privacy

Past Recorder

Another important use of Past Recorder, although more recommended for previous versions of Android, is the use of the microphone. Being this app in the background using it all the time Denies permission to others who may suspiciously demand their use for their dark needs.

That is, having this app active for audio recording you will always have the microphone busy, unless you use it yourself for audio calls or other needs. So yes for whatever you need to have more privacy With your mobile, this app may come with pearls to occupy the microphone and another does not want to use it to record the ambient audio.

The app itself is quite simple to handle and from the notification panel we can access to record so that the playback screen appears where we can perfectly see a graph with the different sound waves generated in the last 30 minutes.

We select how much time we want to record, and those minutes will appear. The longer the app is active the longer we can access, although always with that 30 minute capped limit default. These recordings can then be named and even shared with other users.

Past Recorder

And if you wonder the effect it can have on the resources and battery of your phone, do not worry, since the same developer warns that have optimized its use to optimize its effectiveness. Anyway, from settings there are some series of options to ensure a better optimization of battery usage.

Yes it is true that It may not work completely with all versions of Android, since the same developer warns that by time they cannot copy all the versions, so do not delay in using the comments on the Google Play page to warn of failures.