Pokémon Day 2020

Pokmon GO is filled with news for the Pokmon Da 2020

Pokmon Day 2020

Despite the criticism I received at the time, Pokmon GO has managed to maintain a large community of players waiting for their regular news. And without entering into debates about whether these followers are simply due to the brand that shows or not, the truth is that the effort that Niantic has put into the game is not small. And with a new generation of Pokmon just out of the oven, your chances of improving Pokmon GO have only increased.

In not much time, Pokmon GO attracts many more people to its community thanks to its interconnection with the new Pokmon Home service, which allows us to take our creatures to other games. However, for this we must have a collection that is really worth it, and what better time to achieve it than Pokmon Day, as they share from Andro4All. To celebrate the anniversary of the franchise, Niantic is preparing several surprises that begin arriving from February 25.

From that day until March 2, Pokmon GO players will have the possibility to get Pokmon with festive appearance, like the classic Pikachu with a party hat. Even as part of the event, we can have the opportunity to capture some legendary, including Mewtwo. This powerful creature return to the world of Pokmon GO with his best finery, specifically armor, as part of the premiere of the Pokmon movie: Mewtwo Strikes BackEvolution on Netflix.

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At the moment, it seems that Niantic still reserves some things to be shown in the coming days through the social networks of the game. And with total security, together with the launch of the Pokmon Home service, they will serve to give a great boost to the game in these first days of the year.