Pokmon GO can't play with root, now it detects TWRP

Pokmon GO can't play with root, now it detects TWRP

Pokemon Go can't play with TWRP

Have you rooted your mobile? Well watch out, because you can be banned from Pokmon Go. Yes, and although you are not cheating in the game, just having used root to get an application or modify your mobile could endanger your account. Well, Niantic has improved its security system so you can't play Pokmon GO with root, now it detects TWRP.

This confirms the fight of Niantic to eliminate all cheating users that take advantage with some modification of your mobile. An example could be GPS, as users modified their location to obtain exclusive Pokmon.

What is the problem of Pokmon Go and root?

What is the problem of Pokemon Go with the roots

The sanction by Niantic is quite clear, because this it consists of blocking all the users that root is detected in the phone. How does it do it? Well, the last update of Pokmon Go brings with it a method of detection that mocks the access permissions to the file system to search for the existence of TWRP.

And if that makes fun of them, because Pokmon GO manages to find the TWRP folder even if you don't give the application permission to read the storage of the mobile, as it records all the phone storage.

The search for Pokmon GO it only consists of verifying the mere existence of the TWRP folder in its storage and, if he manages to find it, then the game will block you.

Pokmon Go can no longer be played with root, until there is another trap

While you may be using a tool like Magisk to modify the mobile phone you like, from Androidphoria we recommend don't risk your Pokmon Go account for this. And, although there are ways to “complicate” Pokmon Go searching for the TWRP file, Niantic will continue to improve its methods to detect it.

If you really are a lover of Pokmon Go and do not want to lose everything you have advanced in the game, it is best that play legally. Otherwise you will have to start from scratch. But cuntanos, you have your mobile rooted, what do you intend to do, stop playing Pokmon Go? Your opinion matters to us, let us know in the comments.