Perfect Ironing, a game to learn to iron on your mobile

Perfect Ironing, a game to learn to iron on your mobile

Perfect Ironing game to learn to iron

If for some strange reason, you know, you want a game that allows you to carry out one of the most tedious tasks in the home, or rather hated, because you can find it in the Play Store for Android, or in the App Store for iOS.

The game you must download is called Perfect Ironing, and as the name implies the goal is to iron the clothes that appear on the screen. But that's not all, once all the clothes are ironed you will have to fold them in order to pass the level.

Perfect Ironing is a game that teaches you to iron?

Game to learn to iron

To tell the truth No, it is not a game that teaches you how to iron, it is rather a title that allows you to hang out doing one of the most tedious household tasks, ironing clothes.

In the same way, it could also be said that Perfect Ironing serves to learn to iron clothes, if an iron has never been used. Of course, within the game there is no real advice or explanation that serves to iron clothes, rather there are graphic examples of how the process should be carried out ironing in question.

Funny, up to a point

Perfect Ironing for Android

While this game has been criticized, and much, for its gameplay; It is very important to clarify that, although it can be fun during the first game, it does not offer much more than that.

The lack of variety in shirts, the huge amount of advertising that appears every time a level is finished, as well as the poor performance in mid-range phones, make Perfect Ironing just a casual game that has fun at times, and that ends up boring as time goes by.

Download Perfect Ironing

Download Perfect Ironing

If what we have shown you has convinced you, or you want to try with your own hands what it feels like to iron a virtual garment, debers download the game from Play Store or App Store.

Finally, if this game has seemed boring, we recommend you see what are the most popular games for Android, surely you will find some to occupy your free time.