Panasonic's First Urban Solar Charger was installed in a square in Venezuela

Panasonic's First Urban Solar Charger was installed in a square in Venezuela

As part of the projects for the recovery of public spaces and the care of the environment through the efficient use of the energy carried out by Panasonic of Venezuela, the first Urban Solar Charger was installed in the Miranda Square of the Sucre municipality of the city of Caracas in Venezuela, which Allows charging devices such as mobile phones and tablets through the use of solar energy.

Panasonic Urban Solar Charger.-

This innovative power generating device, designed and built in Venezuela, offers the possibility of charging up to 120 devices daily. It was made in the form of a pole to give it a better location in the different spaces and is composed of a Panasonic solar panel, a deep cycle battery, as well as a charge controller and eight intelligent USB ports that will dispense the supplies to its users .

Panasonic Urban Solar Charger.

As known, this Urban Solar Charger It is designed to be placed in places of public attendance as squares, parks and outdoor spaces, where in addition to providing the electric service to citizens, it could function as an excellent means to carry out advertising campaigns, especially if they are aimed at the conservation of the environment and efficient use of the energyPanasonic Urban Solar ChargerThe execution of this ingenious, practical and functional eco-social project, drawn up by the Mayor of that jurisdiction, It was conceived from the corporate slogan of Panasonic A Better Life, A Better World (A Better Life, A Better World), which seeks to provide innovative solutions to all people in the different spaces and areas where they operate, highlighting the fact that in addition to contributing to solve the difficulties in which a person can be found due to lack of charge on their mobile devices, it also helps To improve the environment.

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