Claves para desarrollar el marketing con Twitter en 2020

Now also Twitter will show mental health content in your app

  • A year, in estimates of the World Health Organization, about 800 thousand people die throughout the planet by suicide

  • This phenomenon is the second cause of death among young people aged 15 to 29

  • Within Mexico, this mental health problem has an incidence of 5.2 people per 100 thousand inhabitants

There are several challenges at the door for social networks during 2020. According to Social Media Today, the storytelling force platforms and advertisers to reconsider their advertising strategies. Search Engine Journal believe that the search for influencers really authentic to be more urgent throughout the year. And according Clickz, we will have to play more with channel integration ecommerce. But there is one issue that not everyone likes to mention: mental health.

In fact, mental health has shaped some of the most recent decisions of the most relevant social networks. Snapchat present yesterday An information project for its users. YouTube started to officially recognize the negative effects to which it exposes its content moderators. And part of the reason why Instagram decided remove likes of its platform, is to reduce the incidence of phenomena such as cyberbullying.

This trend responds to two precise factors. First, the demands of the authorities and the general public to social platforms and networks to accept their role in mental health problems in many countries and populations. Second, that the same platforms have realized that the best way to carry out their corporate social responsibility (CSR) is to address these types of challenges. So more and more companies join (or reinforce) these initiatives.

Twitter has a new mental health function

Now the turn is from the platform microblogging largest in the world. Through a statement, Twitter announced that it will bring the #HayAyuda initiative to Mexico. It is an alliance with the organization Trust and Public Impulse that seeks to support users who may be going through a difficult time. This is an initiative that has been carried out in countries such as the United States (USA), Japan and Korea with a multitude of partners at the local level.

Related Notes

This help system will work very similar to what Snapchat presented yesterday for its platform. Twitter automatically detect when a user searches for risk terms, such as self-harm and suicide. He then searches for a message of encouragement about mental health and the contact information of Trust and Public Impulse. The function must already be enabled both on the web and in the mobile application of the social network for all users.

Just lend a helping hand?

Mental health is just one of the many CSR issues that are taking off throughout the market. Unilever, for example, prometi recently that I was going to stop creating advertising that was aimed at children. Bancoppel and a UN office decided to fight for the financial inclusion of refugees in Mexico. Banorte, on the other hand, said he will use elic energy in the 70 percent of its operations. Even Apple seeks to improve the housing situation.

But we must return to social networks and the fight for mental health. It is evident why most of the activations are limited to showing the contact details of specialized organizations. In the end, neither Twitter nor Snapchat nor its rivals are specialists in these topics. It would be irresponsible of you that you would like to have a much more active role in this part of the solution. However, there is also the question of whether they could be doing much more.

In the end, the systems and projects do not limit the search results or filter publications that could be harmful. Not out of what social networks already do with their algorithms and content moderators. Perhaps there should be a more precise filter on the type of posts that people and users see when they repeatedly search for these types of topics. But we must first observe whether this simple initiative helps to substantially improve the challenge.