new laptop for Zebra Technologies vehicles with the power and apps of a desktop computer

new laptop for Zebra Technologies vehicles with the power and apps of a desktop computer

Thinking about the operators of material handling vehicles that need remote access to desktop applications, Zebra Technologies Corporation has presented its most powerful and advanced portable vehicle mount, the new VC80 with Windows 10, which has a Microsoft package Windows complete and includes all PC-based applications, allowing these workers to improve their productivity and efficiency.


It was known that the VC80 is manufactured with an ultra-resistant material and that it is also very easy to install in forklifts, trucks with clamps and grasses, since it is designed to operate in external or internal places where severe work such as warehouses, centers of distribution, airports, as well as seaports and railways.

With the new VC80 laptop for vehicles, Zebra Technologies is strengthening its commitment by providing the necessary mobile technology to help companies and their employees work more efficiently. The VC80 reinforces Zebra's commitment to develop innovative mobile solutions for the harshest, coldest environments, as well as brightly lit environments. From rugged laptops and handhelds to fixed-mount computers, Zebra Technologies is committed to meeting the industrial computing needs of global companies. Joe White, Vice President, Enterprise Mobile Computing, Zebra Technologies

Given the features offered by VC80, it allows manufacturers, distributors, as well as transport and logistics companies to use the wireless capabilities of this notebook to connect without interruption to the main processor while using the roaming service. This feature makes it ideal for receiving, collecting, packaging, shipping and resupply of any merchandise.

VC80 zebra


The new vehicle for Zebra Technologies Corporation vehicles has Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 7 or Windows 7 Professional operating systems, allowing you to give it multiple uses such as the stationary computer of a transport system, a boarding gate or as a mobile job

Ending visits to technical services and maximizing device availability, Zebra Technologies has arranged for VC80 touch screen and replaceable keyboards, allowing it to be repaired anywhere.

Another feature of this new product is that it is optimized for refrigeration rooms or refrigerated storage environments, since it has a unique system of intelligent temperature sensors, which control the heaters to protect them from internal and external condensation, including also a heated touch screen that improves the productivity of workers thus reducing downtime.VC80,

This device also allows to be easily equipped with a mobile solution ready to be implemented that accesses connections with Zebra mobile printers as well as manual scanners, which makes it possible for companies to collect critical business information and be able to print easily.

Apparently this new product presented by Zebra Technologies has a range of functions that highlights the technological advancement and merger between its teams, a characteristic that no doubt any company that contains in its task of mobilization of heavy goods, or deserves to work in different environments, will take into consideration to include it in your estate

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