Microsoft Launcher is updated to version 4.7.5

Microsoft continues with its strong commitment to Android and iOS, something that has managed to demonstrate with Microsoft Launcher, the application launcher that has a home screen which allows us to take advantage of Microsoft's productivity services with the least possible effort.

Now this application launcher has received a new update in the Play Store, a new version that has the number 4.7.5 for all users after having spent a few weeks with users who use the beta version of it. This update brings the following improvements:

  • Fixed unexpected closures and possible non-responsiveness of the Launcher
  • Support to apply an icon pack to user modified icons
  • Improvements when modifying the wallpaper
  • Fixed several issues in notification counters
  • Performance, memory and CPU usage improvements

This update brings new features that seek to improve product quality for Android users, to provide a better user experience, performance and productivity in everyday tasks with the least possible effort and impact on our terminal. This update can now be downloaded worldwide through the Play store.

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