Lonely valentine? Never mind: Alexa can brighten your heart

Lonely valentine? Never mind: Alexa can brighten your heart

You have no plans for this San Valentn that is just around the corner? Your better half is traveling or has not even knocked on your door? That does not mean that the Day of love and friendship has to be boring. Next, we show you how Alexa voice assistant can help you spend a fun day and don't feel lonely. We assure you that with Alexa, don't miss you're single.

Get in touch, even if they are far away …

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Seeing a friendly face is always a good way to lift the mood. Even if you and your best friends, family or couple are separated by miles or caught at home with a cold, everyone can feel as if you were in the same room, chatting by using your Alexa device that is enabled to make video calls. Although you will get the best experience with an Amazon Echo Show, you and your loved one can use the Alexa application to make video calls as well. Just go to the application, touch the person you want to contact and choose the option of video chat.

Use your imagination

If reading a poor quality novel to indirectly give you the love you need is not your thing, then maybe you should try a game. Is It Love's Alexa MyCrush skill? It is a kind of mix between the Sims video game and a book of Choose your own adventure combined with a romantic novel. However, everything developed in your imagination with a little help from Alexa. Using this skill, you go out with imaginary people and choose how the romance progresses.

Listen to a story

If there is nothing on TV and you are sitting lamenting your love life, make Alexa tell you a story to occupy your night. The skill Story Stream has stories in many different genres that adapt to your mood, including paranormal, thriller, horror, Creepypasta, science fiction and comedy.

Do something for someone

Sometimes, helping someone else can lift the mood like nothing else. You can show some love to someone in need this Valentine's Day with the help of the Daily Kindness skill. Give 50 different suggestions on how you can help a random person around you.

Share love

That you do not have a better half, does not mean you can not share the love this Valentine. The Share Worldwide skill is basically an audio message board. You can listen to the message that the last person left and provide yours for others to hear. It is a great way to spread kind and edifying messages among strangers in an animate way. It is a small connection that can make you and others feel good, no matter what day.

Another way to share love is by sending kind notes to others. The Hallmark Valentine's greeting plan for Alexa allows you to create and send greetings to your loved ones and friends in just a few minutes. You can send audio clips that are predetermined or create your own.

For remote love

If you have your better half and you know her but be thousands of kilometers away on the Day of Love, calm down, thanks to Alexa you can still have a special communication with him, to live this great day. Long distance couples can use the Alexa Drop-in feature to feel closer than ever.

Have a conversation

Alexa can also get you out of your worries with a silly talk and there are many things to talk about. Here is our list of weird things you can ask Alexa and the funniest things to ask Alexa.

Examples of some phrases and questions for Alexa

  • Alexa, I love you
  • Alexa, what are your plans for Valentine's Day?
  • Alexa, tell me a romantic phrase
  • Alexa, tell me a love poem
  • Alexa, Happy Valentine!
  • Alexa, tell me a curious fact about Valentine's Day
  • Alexa, tell me a compliment
  • Alexa, open Love Own

Maybe I won't invite you to dinner or to the movies, but Alexa will at least make you have fun and even raise your self-esteem with her answers.

For the "lucky" with a partner

If your problem for this Valentine's Day is not to find a partner, but you have no idea where to take her, calm down, Alexa can also help you with that. Just try some of these phrases so that Alexa takes care of the logistics.

Phrases to plan a romantic date night in your home with Alexa

  • Prepare a routine in the Alexa app with Philips Hue Lighting To create the perfect environment.
  • Use the Echo Show or Echo Show 5 To make the perfect dinner, you just have to say: Alexa, give me a truffle recipe or Alexa, I make a dessert from Valentine's Day or Alexa, how I prepare a romantic breakfast, and this is just the beginning.
  • Play your favorite playlist or the most popular romantic songs, by saying, Alexa, play the Latin Love Songs playlist.
  • After dinner, you can watch a romantic comedy or the movie of your choice with the Fire TV Stick 4K.

Phrases to plan a romantic date night with Alexa

  • Don't forget to make your reservation for one of the busiest nights of the year, saying: Alexa, ask me to make a reservation for Valentine's night.
  • Do you feel more like a movie night? Just ask: Alexa, what cinemas are close?
  • If you are the undecided type, open the skill Coin Toss And someone else choose for you.
  • Do you need transportation? Alexa and Uber They have you covered.

* Updated by Mara Teresa Lopes on February 13, 2020.

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