Linking one 'tweet' to another has never been so easy after the new Twitter update

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<p>For social media companies it is not easy to stay as the number one for a long time. However, Twitter in some way and despite the limitations that it has in comparison with others, has managed to remain in force as the favorite scenario of the policies, immediate news and firsts; many of them related to the world of technology, as we have seen in several of our publications.</p>
<p>For these and many other reasons millions of users still keep it in their list of downloaded apps and continue to take advantage of the updates they constantly propose, to make communication more efficient for this, as the most recent one announced this week, designed to <strong>Link two tweets in a more logical way.</strong></p>
<h2>How to link tweets on iPhone or iPad</h2>
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Now you can add a Tweet to one you already Tweeted, faster!

– Twitter (@Twitter) February 19, 2020

Fortunately, since your announcement the option is available for iOS users Gradually, who can take advantage of it by composing a tweet and watching the previous tweets, which can be selected and linked through the option “Continue thread”.

To access the interface “Continue Thread”, you should simply pull down the compose window on an iPhone or iPad and then touch the Continue Thread option. Once there, you must select the three points and then choose an earlier tweet from the list to link to the new one that will come to light.

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As announced from Twitter, this option makes it much simpler to associate a new tweet with an existing tweet to threads around a specific topic. Twitter is implementing the new feature starting this week, although it may take some time to spread to all users.

Is this the function you had been waiting for a while? Will you use it? Share in the comments!