Instagram: the influencers who showed how easy it is to cheat on the social network

Instagram: the influencers who showed how easy it is to cheat on the social network

Byron Denton just needed to do some photo editing tricks to make it look like he was traveling in luxury

If you are fond of social networks you probably already know that not everything you see ah is real.

But sometimes it's very easy to be fooled.

The American influencer Natalia Taylor made a powerful demonstration that teaches us not to believe everything we see in

Taylor teased his followers to think he was on vacation in Bali when, in fact, he has never traveled to Indonesia.

In fact, he was at a local Ikea store.

Natalia, who has hundreds of thousands of followers in
 , I published a series of photographs that seemed to show a hotel room and were labeled as if I were on the Indonesian island of Bali.

His followers posted comments and even shared his personal travel experiences, and suggested destinations that the influencer should visit.

However, what the followers did not know is that she never really left the United States and the photographs were taken in rooms of the Ikea furniture store.

Taylor explained in a video that I decided to fool his Instagram followers "to see if they think I'm really on vacation."

George Mason

Natalia is not the only influencer who has teased her followers.

Vloguero George Mason also did it.

Last year, Mason, 21, used his photographic editing skills so that his followers thought he was on vacation traveling for eight days across five European countries.

In the end, he revealed the hoax in a YouTube video titled: "Fing I was on vacation for a whole week."

I indicated that it was very worrying to see how easy it was for people to believe that they were really traveling.