#IngridEscamillaChallenge, action in RRSS for the dignity of victims of feminicide

#IngridEscamillaChallenge, action in RRSS for the dignity of victims of feminicide

A huge case of violence against women has shocked Mexican society and has acquired, for several days, great relevance through different media channels, including digital, internet and social networks.

The feminicide of Ingrid Escamilla, allegedly at the hands of her sentimental partner, in the immediate vicinity of the mayor of Gustavo A. Madero, Mexico City, has generated disagreement between civil society and people's anger has worsened, among other things , for the little importance that the president of the country, Andrs Manuel Lpez Obrador, would have given to the matter, and for the filtering, to the media, of some photographic images that would show the woman's remains.

The leaked images, which would have threatened the dignity and human rights of the victim, were disseminated by some police and red note newspapers, but they were also disseminated through the Internet and various social networks. Given this, a new topic that seeks to counteract the negative effect of the misfortune that has occurred to Ingrid has been promoted from social networks

#IngridEscamillaChallenge is the proposal that is already placed on Twitter in the first place of trends, which seeks to counteract the negative effect and undermined dignity of Ingrid and other victims, which, in addition to losing their life, their privacy and dignity are affected with the diffusion of violent images in social media "in the full exercise of freedom of expression", but perhaps violating fundamental rights and even hindering due process by the authorities.

Up to this moment, the typical one exceeds 6,648 Tweets and its spirit is "in honor of Ingrid's dignity", that of sharing much friendlier images, messages and ideas.

In 2019, Mexico was placed in second place at the Latin American level in the incidence of feminicide, according to data from the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System (SESNSP), which accounted for 2,833 women murdered in until November 25 from that year 25.

These are hate crimes that exist systematically, which occur against women because they are women, because it is assumed that there is an advantage or a right over them.