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IKEA give you money for going to their stores

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IKEA is cool. So much. Really. When you are young you can never imagine that going to a furniture store will be a pleasant and fun experience. It is what has become older, that the priorities and tastes are other.

And if in addition to going to a store like IKEA, to see their furniture, their exhibitions and other products … will they pay you for it? Indeed, it is the new and ingenious IKEA advertising campaign related to Google Maps and that rewards all customers with money for just going to one of their stores.

IKEA has a new advertising campaign to talk about

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If an IKEA store is located in one of your cities, it is surely on the outskirts. This means that to go you have to take the car and stick a good trip, which means investing a few hours of time. For that reason and to thank all the trips we make, IKEA has devised this fun campaign.

As we can read in engadgetlo nico what we have to do is teach the IKEA workers, the route and the time it took us to get to their stores on Google Maps. Each hour of travel is exchanged for about $ 28 so if we are regulars to their shops, trips can be very profitable for us.

Unfortunately this campaign is only available at the moment in Dubai and there is no news that it extends to other countries –Going to buy furniture in Dubai on our own, we don't think it's very profitable– However, this promotion opens the doors so that other important companies can also use Google services and tools for their advertising and marketing campaigns.

Just be careful when using Google Maps… not six like this character that ended up at the bottom of an icy river to follow the instructions of the Google app to the letter.