Huawei P30 and P30 Pro may have four cameras

Huawei P30 and P30 Pro may have four cameras

And well, it seems that today Tecnocat is almost entirely dedicated to Huawei and its set of leaks due to the new terminals that we present for next year. We don't complain, nobody hurts a little more expectations, right?

We already talked in the morning about the possible innovation in one of the sensors that will take the Huawei P30. Now we have once again thanks to the Ice Universe Twitter information about the total sensors that this terminal and its older brother could have the P30 Pro.

Just when looking at the images in which the housings of both P30 and P30 Pro are shown we can deduce that for the first we will have a maximum of three main sensors. Surprisingly in the case of the second one, the opening for the cameras is a little longer and the conclusion is that this version is more powerful have an extra sensor for a total of four.

And yes, this is all the information we have at the moment, but as soon as there are more leaks or something official here it will be. Without further ado, I invite you to leave your opinion in the comment box, we are reading.

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