Cómo enviar correo electrónico a Santa Klaus

How to send an email to Santa Klaus step by step

How to send email to Santa Klaus

Today I bring you a video post specially designed for the little ones of the house, and I am going to show you step by step the way of send an email to Santa Klaus So make sure that your requests for this Christmas of 2019 that is already here around the corner, (just five days when I write this post), will arrive directly and without delay to the kind and endearing character par excellence of these dates indicated in red in the calendar.

So you know, if for anything you have not been able to leave home to deliver your letter to Santa's representatives, Do not worry because you are still on time following the simple steps that I explain in the video that I leave attached to this article. Video in which I explain how to send your mail to Santa Klaus step by step.

How do you see in the video that I left you just above these lines, The process to follow is only in five simple steps.

Just enter the link that I leave just below these lines and follow the steps that are being asked, always remembering that it is not necessary to reveal your full name or your email at any time for the email to reach our dear Santa Klaus.

Click here to send an email to Santa Klaus