How to free up space on a Mac or MacBook

How to free up space on a Mac or MacBook

To have more storage capacity on your Mac or MacBook, you may be thinking of buying an external memory, uninstalling programs from your computer or simply starting from scratch and formatting your machine to factory settings.

Now, did you know that there are many other ways to win in memory cards? You will find them all in this article: from emptying the trash to storing your documents in the cloud, through getting rid of duplicate files.

When all computers carried hard drives, they allow us to have much more space in our Macs, but with solid state drives, despite having other advantages, the capacity has been significantly limited.

In addition, it is usual to save high resolution videos and images, which inevitably takes up a lot of space. Below we explain how to always have at least 10 percent free space so that your Mac can work well.

Tip 1. Manage your free storage with macOS

With the release of the macOS Sierra operating system version in 2016, Apple introduced a new optimized storage feature that allows you to delete files from your Mac that you no longer need and transfer others to iCloud.

Although your computer will send you an alert when you are running out of free space, we recommend checking from time to time how much you have available to not get any surprises. These are the steps to follow.

one. Click on the apple icon to the far left of the top toolbar and choose the option About this Mac from the drop-down menu.

two. In the new floating window, make sure the label is selected Storage. The horizontal bar represents your hard disk or SSD, which is divided into colors, corresponding to each category of files you have saved.

In our case, for example, we have 459.36 GB available. The rest is occupied by the macOS system itself, the gigas used by other users, installed applications and others. You may also have saved photos and music in your case.

3. Now, click on the button Manage to see in more detail the space used. In the new window, see sections dedicated to iCloud, trash, iTunes, mail, iBooks, iOS files and much more.

Tip 2. Activate the Optimize storage option

A good way to free up space automatically, so you don't have to worry about doing so, is to use the Optimize storage option, to remove series and movies that you have already seen and delete the attachments from your email.

That does not mean that you are going to lose the videos and the deleted files, since your emails will be stored in your iCloud account and the series and movies you bought on iTunes can always be downloaded again.