How to enable real dark mode in Chrome step by step

How to enable real dark mode in Chrome step by step

For a few versions of Google Chrome we have the option to enabling a dark way that the truth is told is something unfortunate for the times we are and it is that this dark mode by default is limited to coloring with gray tones the Chrome search page, the options menu and the navigation bar, leaving in the original mode, as a general rule in white, the content of the pages What are we visiting?

That is why in the attached video that I leave in this article I teach you to enable real dark mode in Chrome to show us in black tones all the above mentioned also adding the same real black tone to the web pages that we are visiting from Chrome.

Chrome dark mode

How I have commented in the first paragraphs of this article, if we go to Chrome settings and select the new dark mode, we will find the terrible surprise that this dark mode, incomprehensibly only applies to the browser interface itself, bone your menus and navigation bars, leaving out the content we visit from our favorite websites. (See example in the screenshot above in which the default dark mode is selected from Chrome's own settings).

To enable real dark mode in Chrome, simply go through the browser's experiment zone, an area that we will access by placing the following in the Google Chrome navigation bar: chrome: // flags.

Chrome: // flags

Once you access that experimental Chrome configuration page, just put in the search bar shown at the top of the page "Dark Mode".

With this we will be shown three options that when enabled will create the magic that will make it possible for our Google Chrome to show us a real dark theme in all its splendor, both in the application's own user interface and the content of the web pages we visit daily.

Dark Mode Chrome

Finally, just restart the Chrome browser by clicking on the RELAUNCH button so that the changes arise the desired effect and to be able to count on that real dark theme in Chrome as I show you in the attached video that I have left at the beginning of this writing.

A real dark mode in Chrome That is very, very good, as I show you in the screenshot that I leave below these lines.

Real dark mode in Chrome