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How to check with your smartphone or tablet if you ran out of batteries


How to check with your smartphone or tablet if you ran out of batteries

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August 12, 2015

Battery remote control tablet

It is not complicated that on occasion, touching the TV's remote control trying to change the channel and seeing that there is no response, we have come to think that the device was broken. The next thing is to realize that the batteries may have Exhausted, something really unusual but that at some point it is inevitable that it will happen. Today we show you a trick to detect if the remote control works correctly and the problem is that running out of batteries Or if it's something more serious.

The TV remote is the typical utensil that he falls so many times to the ground that at no time could it surprise us if it suddenly stops working. Even so, it is a really hard device and can withstand multiple attacks before succumbing. Most work with infrared (some are with bluetooth) which cannot be detected by the human eye, although by the camera of our mobile terminals.

The digital camera detects infrared light

As with ultraviolet rays, the camera of a tablet or smartphone will be able to display infrared. In this sense, we verify that the lenses and sensors that usually mount mobile devices discriminate less than the human eye at the time of to register certain visual elements

Android camera remote control

To check the battery status of our remote control, we must launch the camera application of the tablet or phone, put the remote control pointing in our direction, touch any button and focus with the camera the front area of ​​the remote. If we see a small emission of a kind of violet beam It is battery works properly. If we see the same light though dimmer, maybe it's time to think about replacing the batteries. If on the contrary we do not see any type of light, it is most possible that the batteries are completely depleted or that the command has broken.

Tablet camera use battery

Some terminals, such as the iPhone, integrate filters to reduce the noise of the photos that eliminate the appearance of this type of light. However, the test can be done with the front camera. Apple's smartphone yes answer, Focusing with the front lens, just like an Android.

A smartphone can function as a remote control

If you have finally concluded that the remote is broken, or if you simply do not have spare batteries at home, many Android phones and tablets can function as a remote control for television. Some of them even integrate from the factory a dedicated application to this task

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