How to advertise on TikTok: how it works and cost

TikTok is the social network of the moment and many advertisers begin to consider the possibility of advertising on said social network as we can do in other social networks. Throughout the article we will see How to advertise on TikTok.

TikTok unlike other social networks such as Instagram has its own platform through which it is possible manage the different campaigns that we have active in the social network.

Before knowing how to conduct an advertising campaign on TikTok we must know the different options that exist and the different prices, although we already anticipate that it is not a cheap social network to advertise.

There are different types of ads within the TikTok social network, already considered as the realm of Generation Z.

Hastagh Challenge

Image - How to advertise on TikTok: how it works and cost

The way of advertising like many other things has changed over time. In TikTok there are several types of advertising and one of them is called Hastagh Challenge.

Although it is true that it does not correspond to the typical banner that we can see in most social networks, this method of advertising consists of viralizing a video model in TikTok and from there that users can share their own videos with that hastagh.

The Hastagh does not have to have the name of the company that is being publicized since the name appears when we enter the hastagh itself where all the publications in which it has been included are found and we can appreciate the name of the company that appears just below the hastagh.

Brand Takeover

This is one of the most expensive methods that currently exist in TikTok since it is about show a banner or a small video of up to 5 seconds in which a company is advertised when opening the app. So far, TikTok only allows to advertise a hastagh or profile within the social network.

This banner or, failing that, the short video will be played when you open the TikTok app, so as we can imagine, se is the most expensive method of advertising that exists within the social network with a cost of thousands or even millions of euros, depending on the location, among other factors.

Branded lenses

Filters are one of the most used functions today, therefore, as happens on Instagram or Snapchat TikTok allows to include filters which are developed by a brand and you can advertise through them trying to viralize them through TikTok.

On the scale of the most expensive or cheapest option, this option will be in the middle option of the ladder, taking into account that TikTok is not exactly the cheapest social network to advertise.

Biddable ads or native ads

Image - How to advertise on TikTok: how it works and cost

The native ads are those that we can find in any web page or social network, that is, those that appear between publication and publication.

It corresponds to the most affordable option of all the previous ones since in the case of TikTok, this type of ad works by bids: