Google will also be working on a folding phone: patent

Google will also be working on a folding phone: patent

Angela Lang / CNET

Google is a firm that is developing a folding phone, or at least dreams of one.

According to the Patently Apple site, Google is working on flexible phones based on patents on behalf of the firm. The Chinese firm ZTE will also be working on a similar project, according to a patent from that company located by Patently Apple.

The Google project specifically involves a telephone that will be folded in half, ending with a design similar to that of a portfolio and very different from the first foldable phones that have already been publicly disclosed. Patently Apple says that Google's phone will be a little more basic than the Samsung Galaxy Fold or the Huawei Mate X.

The ZTE prototype shown in the illustrations of the patent show a design much more attached to that of Huawei, even with a thin bevel finish and that will be able to bend inwards (to use only one screen) and outwards (to use two tablet-like screens).

It is normal that more and more manufacturers are entering and preparing to launch a foldable phone and capture their ideas of flexible cell phones, because not everyone imagines something the same. Samsung and Huawei, at least for their official products, devise something similar between phone and tablet; but Motorola, for example, thinks rather of an elongated phone similar to the design clamshell from several years ago.

Android manufacturers are not alone in their attempt to dominate the young segment of foldable phones. Apple also has multiple patents that confirm your interest on an iPhone able to bend and go from phone to tablet, but it is possible that the apple maker is the last to reach the market waiting for this to mature.

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